Keeping things simple

We are mindful that the ultimate goal is not simply to hire good people, or establish offices in good locations, or put a strategy in place; the goal is to hit the sales target, so everything we do is based with this simple goal in mind.


For the last 25 years our founder has driven sales across UK, Europe and USA, often fixing dysfunctional sales offices, or creating new sales offices. Throughout this time he has successfully handled the challenge of managing resources with the constant goal of hitting sales target each quarter

Sales Acceleration Programme

This service is aimed primarily at emerging companies wishing to expand into a new international geography; typically a US firm wanting to come into European markets or vice versa.


We don't presume that our client does not know how to manage their own sales organisation, and our aim is not to lecture you on the basics. What we recognise is that the logistical problems involving distance and time zones make it impossible for a manager, no matter how experienced, to closely monitor and manage a remote international sales office.


In most cases when setting up a new international office, budget constraints will only permit a minimum number of initial hires with an emphasis on individual contributing sales executives, rather than on senior management. We can fill this void by providing local sales management on a temporary consultative basis. The specifics of each engagement are agreed on a case by case basis, but usually cover some or all of the following:

  • Hiring against plan
  • Sales Management – forecasting, call rate, regulation, structure, contracts
  • Networking to help identify and close business at key target accounts,peer to peer negotiationswith customers
  • Establish sales target for the early trading period
  • Prioritise marketsfor the early trading period
  • Most effective sales model;  Direct/indirect strategy; Partner strategy, identification and relationship
  • Marketing;  Lead generation,  brand marketing, agencies

Executive Search

Establish trust

This is the quintessential basis for success. You are outsourcing a business critical process, and you need to be confident that your agent will exercise the same level of care and diligence that you would.

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